Engage, Inspire, and Mobilize your Team Members

Art on the walls is part of the desire to make the workplace a better place for everyone.
People feel motivated and encouraged to communicate, connected, and take pride in their workplace. All of this brings them closer to each other and gives a new meaning to the work they do.

Express Yourself in a Unique Manner

Art is a reflection of your values, your identity, a demonstration of your openness. Renting also keeps things fresh.

Support a Living Artist & Optimize your Heritage

Of course, I’m looking out for my own business when I say that artists need their art to be bought while they’re alive; but I would add, in a more serious tone, that a living artist brings new and innovative perspectives to the table.
Supporting living artists is culturally, economically, and socially beneficial for them and for society.

Terms and Conditions

Turnkey Services:

Transportation, Installation, and Dismantling

Other services such as “Meet the Artist” can be arranged upon request.


How Much Does It Cost?

Rental is for a minimum of six months, with rotation of artworks after three months.

The applicable rate is 30% of the price of the artwork, payable quarterly, i.e. 10% of the price of the artwork per month.

Multi-risk insurance against theft, loss, or damage is required.